Songdo Marine Cable Car


A breathtaking panorama on the sea!

Located at Songdo Beach in Busan, the Songdo Sky Cable Car operates across the sea, spanning 1.62km from Songrim Park on the east side of Songdo Beach to Amnam Park on the west side.

At a maximum height of 86m above the sea, you can experience the exhilarating feeling of flying in the sky while enjoying a panoramic view of Songdo Beach, Busan's Yeongdo and Namhangdaegyo Bridge, Songdo Cloud Bridge, and the dramatic cliffs.

More than just a cable car ride, the Songdo Sky Cable Car offers additional attractions and experiences. You can embark on a Dino Adventure, where giant dinosaurs come to life with sound and movement, or explore the Little Prince-themed zone inspired by the famous storybook. There's also the Songdo Doppelmayr Museum, the first cable car museum in Korea, and the VR Sky Swing, Asia's first aerial swing.

Come and enjoy the Songdo Sky Cable Car, where you'll discover a world of fun and excitement beyond your imagination!

📛 shop name - Songdo Marine Cable Car
🗺️ address - 171 Songdohaebyeon-ro, Seo-gu, Busan
⏲️ business hours - 08:00~21:00
💜 Hot menu - Ecker Cruise adult round-trip 17,000 won
📞 phone - 051-247-9900
🅿️ parking - Available
  • 😀 brief evaluation : Impressive panorama above the sea. Fun beyond the cable car
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