Here is the ranking of bustling districts in Busan ,South Korea

LV 1

1st place in ranking :  Gwangalli Beach

Due to the stunning night view, 

many people from other regions gather here on weekends.

On weekends, more than ten yachts gather, 

and they simultaneously set off hundreds of fireworks. It's not overly grand, 

but it's definitely worth seeing, especially at night.
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In addition, during the sunny summer days, there are a lot of busking performances, 

and many people gather to watch them.

Please refer to the drone show schedule for the specific timing.


Moreover, due to the numerous fishing festivals and events, 

people naturally gather and come together to enjoy the festivities.

With even a fireworks festival that attracts over one million people, 

Gwangalli Beach is undoubtedly the number one spot in Busan.



Rangking 2 - Seomyeon

"Street of Youth" (Mainly frequented by individuals in their 10's to 20's)

"On weekends, the place gets incredibly crowded with people.

These days, there is a trend of focusing more on Seomyeon 2nd Street rather than Seomyeon 1st Street."

"The area around Seomyeon 2nd Street has an abundance of clubs, bars, and entertainment venues, which attracts a larger number of people."

On weekends, there are crowds of people until the late hours of the dawn.

There are two street food cart areas:
1.Near the back entrance of Lotte Department Store.
2.Between Seomyeon 2nd Street and Central Park Apartments.


Rangking3 - Waterfront Park (a popular spot for pick up ladies)

As people could get a close view of the Gwangan Bridge, they started gathering in the area. Additionally, the spacious area in front allowed people to buy fresh sashimi, grilled dishes, and alcohol directly. It became famous as people started laying out picnic mats and enjoying their food.

With the increasing number of people, naturally, frequent Street pickup activities began to occur. As a result, it has become a popular spot for Street pickup , hehe.



Rangking4 - Haeundae Beach and The Bay 101

In the past, Haeundae used to be a symbol of street pick up and a place with the highest number of visitors during the summer in Busan. However, things have changed recently.

The inconvenience of parking, the increase in residential areas, and, most importantly, the Gwangan Bridge night view, which is outstanding in Gwangalli Beach and waterfront parks, have somewhat overshadowed Haeundae.

Nevertheless, Haeundae still remains Haeundae, with its unique charm and appeal.

There are many events held on the streets in the picture.
In the summer, there are a lot of people.

The beautiful night view overlooking Marine City attracts a large crowd to The Bay 101 as well.

Marine City is accompanied by a yacht racing venue where people can also enjoy yachting.

Marine City boasts a collection of ultra-high-rise luxury residences, creating a truly magnificent night view.

And in Haeundae Marine City, there is a street known as the ‘Movie Street’.

Even just by looking at the pictures, don't the sculptures along the 'Movie Street' with a view of the Gwangan Bridge look absolutely stunning?

The view of the Gwangan Bridge from Marine City offers a different sense of enchantment compared to the view from Gwangalli Beach. I hope you have the opportunity to visit and experience it firsthand.

These are the trick art installations located along Marine City street.

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